NALC’s March Madness: Survive and Advance

This is the April 2013 edition of the “President’s Preview,” a quick look at the upcoming edition of The Postal Record that will be in the mail shortly.

NOTE: Production of this Postal Record was delayed to allow us to cover properly the March 24 National Day of Action. You should receive the April magazine sometime in the next couple of weeks. Also please note that this temporary shift in the production schedule might also result in your copy of the May 2013 edition of the magazine arriving a few days later than expected.

Postal Record_April 2013.jpgThe “President’s Preview” is part of our ongoing effort to ensure that your union stays in touch with every e-Activist at least once a month. In the April magazine, you’ll find my President’s Message, titled, “NALC’s March Madness … Survive and advance”—

If you love college basketball, there is nothing better than March Madness—the anticipation of Selection Sunday, the fun of filling out workplace brackets, the early round upsets that turn into bracket-busters, the late-game heroics. The mantra of winning coaches is “survive and advance.” As I’ve traveled around the country in recent weeks to rally our members and coalition allies to fight for a stronger Postal Service, that mantra feels fitting for the challenges facing NALC. Over the past few weeks, we’ve had to take on Postmaster General Donahoe’s bogus assertion that he could end Saturday delivery even without congressional approval, and to mobilize the country and Congress to renew the mandate to provide six-day service in the continuing budget resolution (CR) that was passed in March to avert a government shut-down. We succeeded on both fronts. But the battle to save America’s Postal Service is not over—there are more tests to come. Our goal: Survive and advance. Survive the attacks and advance an agenda that will strengthen the Postal Service, not dismantle it.

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