Sign Petitions to Save America’s Postal Service

save_america's_postal_service-thumb-250x303By Jerry Stidman

We currently have over 99,500 signatures on all of our petitions.  Today we will break 100,000 signatures and continue growing!  If you share our message people will sign our petitions.  We have proven this to be true.

We are asking Congress to establish a moratorium on closing any postal facilities.  We are also asking Congress to keep service levels at the post office the same until they pass a reform bill.  If you agree with these two statements please forward this email to your representative in Congress and tell them so.  Below is a link to our moratorium petition feel free to sign it and share it!  Moratorium petition.

According to a FDIC survey over 10 million Americans are “unbanked”.  The postal service already has a shoe in the door with banking as they sell over $24 billion dollars worth of money orders.  The FDIC also reports 24 million people are “underbanked”.  This means they use pawn shops and payday loan services for their banking needs.  Once again below is a link to our petition on banking at the post office. Banking petition.

HR 6407 passed during the lame duck session of Congress in 2006 needs to be repealed.   A huge portion of the postal services financial crisis was created by Congress.  The US Postal Service is the only business or government agency required to prefund their retiree benefits 75 years in advance. At a cost of $5.5 billion dollars a year for a 10 year period. This needs to stop immediately.  We have a petition that deals directly with this issue the link to the petition follows: Prefunding petition.

Once the system of mail processing plants is broken down the quality of service will decline.  America needs it’s mail processing plants!  Many of these plants are the main post office for small to medium size cities and they cannot close the building because they also hold the cities retail post office and delivery section.  Closing down mail processing plants means the end to over night delivery of first class mail to much of our country.  We must save our mail processing plants.  The petition is below: Mail processing plants petition.

We support six day delivery of mail.  One of the most profound advantages the postal service has it’s the only delivery company to offer standard delivery on Saturday.  The American public rely on this.  The competition of the postal service rely on this.  Six day delivery must stay.  Please sign our save six day delivery petition.

We can save our post office in it’s current form.  But our elected officials need to know how important it is to all of us.  We encourage you to share this message with your family, friends and co-workers.  We also hope you will share it with your elected members of Congress as well.  We support a moratorium on closing postal facilities and hope you will share the message!


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