Much-Needed Postal Reform to Be Kicked Further Down the Road


If postal reform legislation were actually a can, by now it would be so pulverized by constant kicking that it would no longer be kickable. All formerly interested parties would just give up and go home. But it’s not a can, it’s legislation, and as such Congress can continue kicking it down the road until the cows come home. Or the chickens come home to roost. Or whatever.

Hopes were never really all that high that meaningful postal reform would be enacted during these waning days of Congress. But we imagine that there were some hard-core optimists in the crowd that thought there might be at least some progress made before the 114th Congress came to a shuddering, clanging, belching halt.

But even if there were no progress made this year, there was optimism that once the elections were finally over and Hillary Clinton became president maybe, just maybe, we stood a fairly good chance of getting postal reform passed.

Then the unexpected happened. It was Donald Trump, not Hillary, who was elected president. Now, what are the chances of meaningful postal reform legislation getting passed in the 115th Congress?

The election of Donald Trump as president, plus the takeover of the both the House and the Senate by the GOP, is a major game-changer for postal reform.

As the result of the elections, Congress’s priorities will shift dramatically. When we say Congress’s priorities, we mean the Republican Party’s priorities. The Republicans will now be able to move legislation forward that they couldn’t under Obama or would have had trouble passing under Clinton.

The election of Trump has opened up a Pandora’s Box of possibilities for the GOP. At this moment they are like gleeful children making out their Christmas list for Santa. Their feverish joy over what their Santa, Donald Trump, will bring them in the next four years, is uncontainable.

On their Christmas Wish List: Repealing Obamacare, seating a conservative Supreme Court justice to replace the late Antonin Scalia, sending Hillary to prison over her emails, completely annihilating  unions, deep-sixing the minimum wage, destroying the environment, building a great wall between the US and Mexico, registering all Muslims, ridding the country of undocumented aliens, and working on privatizing lots of stuff like education, Veterans Affairs, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, the prison system, etc.

And who’s to say that while they are busy privatizing stuff, they don’t look at the Postal Service and say, “Aha! Let’s privatize them, too!” That would be a win-win for them because by privatizing the Postal Service the big corporations get what they want and the GOP would get what it wants, namely the abolishment of the postal unions. Sweet.

Congress, since the election of President Obama, has been viewed as the ‘Do Nothing Congress.’ Look for that to change with the next Congress. It will be seen as the ‘Do Lots of Stuff Congress.’ Unfortunately, the stuff they will be doing will eventually lead to us becoming a third-world country. Quite an accomplishment.

By the end of the 115th Congress, we may be wishing they had kicked the can of postal reform further down the road.

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