NC AFL-CIO’s Call to Action: Worker Misclassification


By MaryBe McMillan, Secretary-Treasurer
North Carolina State AFL-CIO

This is a call to action to pressure your lawmaker to pass legislation that fights against worker misclassification and protects employers that play by the rules!

At the moment there are two bills that address worker misclassification – Senate Bill 694 and House Bill 482. We anticipate one of them to come up in the House Commerce Committee today (Wednesday). However, they are not strong enough and do not do enough to fight cheating employers.

Please call and email the committee members (click for full list) and tell them to make these bills stronger by including stronger penalties for employers that break the law and work stop orders (to prohibit employers from continuing until workers’ compensation was obtained for employees). We need legislation with real teeth to stop this fraud!

For a list of committee members, click here.

As you know worker misclassification is a form of wage theft by which an employer calls an employee an “independent contractor” even though the worker is actually an employee. The results of this practice are dramatic:

  • NC workers are cheated out of the earnings, benefits, and protections to which they are legally entitled (minimum wage, overtime, health and safety laws, workers’ compensation).
  • NC employers who DO obey the law are put at a competitive disadvantage when competing or bidding against employers who are cheating.
  • The state and federal governments are cheated out of tax revenues that should be paid, roughly 450 million a year.

We need our lawmakers to pass legislation that has real teeth to address this problem and penalize employers who are cheating. Please contact the NC House Commerce Committee members TODAY!


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