TPP: The Worst (and Most Secretive) Trade Deal In a Very Long Time

Stop TPPDear friends and family and union brothers and sisters,
The media’s been talking about the Trans-Pacific Partnership, or the TPP, and how it will affect our jobs and wages. I signed a petition telling the U.S. Trade Representative to show us the text!  Will you sign, too?

Show Us the Text!

The TPP has to be the worst deal for at least 99% of us that has come down in a very long time. This is the logical conclusion of the fact that it is an unprecedentedly secret deal on such a global scale. Here is something you can do quickly and easily to oppose this new scheme from Wall Street to further impoverish working people and the 99% of us in twelve countries to begin with, including working folks and peoples of color in the USA. Please join me in this fight for justice for us.
And, if you haven’t already done so, call your congressional representative.
Richard Koritz
NALC and APWU Activist

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