NALC: Budget Talks Threaten Letter Carrier Jobs and Pay; Contact Your Congressional Representative TODAY!

image descriptionRight now, Congress is considering a budget deal that could both threaten the future of the U.S. Postal Service by ending Saturday delivery and cutting letter carriers’ pay by increasing pension contributions.

Use this form (click here) to tell your member of Congress that the American economy and the USPS are growing.

Scroll down to read NALC President Fred Rolando’s letter to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).

Americans depend on a strong USPS.

Use the form here to send a message to your representative in the House that cutting Saturday delivery and increasing federal and postal pension contributions should not be in the budget deal.

Also, call toll-free 888-812-6038 to deliver that same message to your representative.


December 9, 2013
The Honorable Nancy Pelosi
Minority Leader
U.S. House of Representatives
Washington, D.C. 20515

Dear Madam Leader:

I write on behalf of 274,000 active and retired letter carriers who live and work in every
congressional district in America. We wish to express our deep concern with reports that the
budget conference committee may propose to eliminate tens of thousands of postal jobs and
reduce the take-home pay of every postal and federal employee in the United States.

The National Association of Letter Carriers urges every member of the Democratic Caucus to
oppose any bill that eliminates Saturday mail delivery or raises the retirement contributions of
federal and postal employees.

The proposal to end Saturday delivery is outrageous, given that the Postal Service does not
contribute to the federal deficit (it’s off-budget and receives no taxpayer money) and has
returned to operational profitability. Ending Saturday delivery would destroy 25,000 city carrier
jobs, 45,000 rural carrier jobs and 10,000 other postal jobs – according to estimates provided by
the Postal Service to the four postal unions. Eliminating jobs that provide a middle-class
standard of living certainly does not comply with the mission of the Democratic Caucus.

Worse, at a time when the Postal Service is winning new business to offer Sunday delivery of
packages, reducing service would stop the postal recovery in its tracks. Indeed, it would drive
business away from the Postal Service and leave Americans with slower mail service. This
would threaten millions of private-sector jobs in the printing, publishing, paper and e-commerce
sectors that rely on the Postal Service and undermine affordable universal service for the
American people.

Raising payroll contributions by federal and postal employees for retirement benefits – with no
increase in those benefits – is equally outrageous. No group of Americans has contributed
more to deficit reduction in recent years though pay freezes, benefit cuts and furloughs. And the
pensions of America’s postal employees are fully funded.

The purpose of the budget conference committee, created after the federal government shutdown
in October, is to reduce the negative impact of budget sequestration on jobs and public
services. It makes no sense to replace the current sequester with a job-killing reduction in
delivery services or a confidence-killing pay cut for America’s federal employees.

NALC would support a package of postal reforms in the budget that would eliminate the
crushing burden of pre-funding future retiree health benefits, provide postal pension fairness,
preserve service standards and grant product and pricing freedom to the Postal Service. We have
shared such a package with congressional leaders in both parties and on both sides of the Capitol.
We believe it is budget-neutral. Such a package would contribute to the original goals of the
conference committee to promote growth and job creation.

I urge the Democratic Caucus to oppose the end of Saturday mail delivery in the budget or any other
legislation. No matter how it is dressed up–with a volume trigger or profitability test–slashing
service is a bad idea. It’s bad for our customers (mailers who want 6-and even 7-day delivery), it’s
bad for the Postal Service, and it’s bad for jobs and the American economy.

Democrats should also reject any increase in federal pension contributions–cutting our take-home pay
is grossly unfair given the sacrifices we’ve made since the 2008 financial crash.

Thank you for continuing to fight for America’s working families.

Fredric V. Rolando


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