Save Our Historic Post Offices — Video and Petition

This is a crosspost from The National Post Office Collaboratesave_our_post_office_(2)

Sign our petition to save our historic post offices and the uniquely American New Deal art that resides in many of them. Taxpayers paid for these buildings and their art, and they own them. They should be protected and always remain part of the public domain.

Post Office buildings are being sold nationally. Hundreds of these are listed on, or are eligible for, the National Historic Registry. Also many of these we constructed during the New Deal era and/or include priceless New Deal artwork including murals painted on the walls, around windows and doors. There is no guarantee these buildings will remain part of the public domain yet taxpayers paid for them and their art. These Post Office buildings were meant to provide democratic spaces where the public would enjoy art – even in the most remote towns and villages. They must remain in the public domain and should not be sold!

That’s why we have created a petition to The United States House of Representatives and The United States Senate, which says:

“Art in America has always belonged to the people and has never been the property of an academy or class. The great Treasury projects, through which our public buildings are .. decorated, are an excellent example of the continuity of this tradition.” Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Watch a video of these cherished assets and the threat to their existence. And sign our petition to save our historic post offices.

Boston Post Office


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