Labor Day: Celebrating the Incredible Contributions of America’s Working People

Labor Day

This is a cross-post from the AFL-CIO

Labor Day is a celebration of the incredible contributions of America’s working people. Through sweat, sacrifice and innovation, workers built this country and make it run every day. But today, we’re working longer hours, taking on multiple jobs and producing more goods and services. Yet wages have flat-lined, except for those at the very top.

Aspiring citizens, too, toil in the shadows to build a better life for their families but end up working in poor and unsafe conditions and too often fall into the hands of unscrupulous employers.

Everyone deserves a living wage and a safe workplace free of harassment and abuse. Everyone deserves a voice on the job. Everyone deserves a chance at a middle-class life through hard work.

This Labor Day, we need our nation to invest in good jobs and decent wages and to reform our broken immigration system to create a road map to citizenship for aspiring Americans. For union and non-union workers; low wage, blue-collar and white-collar; documented and undocumented—this should be the country of opportunity.

You work hard every day. You’ve earned it.

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