Sharing the Good News With Congress About Postal Finances

The Postal Service Is StrongA little over a week ago, we shared with you the good news that Postal Service finances are on the rebound. In fact, without the congressional pre-funding mandate, USPS would have reported a profit of $660 million for the third quarter.

Now it’s time to share that news with Congress.

The USPS quarterly financial report shows that operating revenue in the third quarter was up by almost 4%, driven by big increases in shipping and package delivery revenue and volume.

But time and time again, we hear from Congress that the only solution to USPS reform is to cut services. It’s clear the real problem is pre-funding. This unfair and unnecessary policy harms the Postal Service’s bottom line, threatens jobs and stifles innovation. In fact, without it, the Postal Service would have already recorded a small profit this year.

It’s time we set the record straight.

Can you contact your member of Congress and let them know that the problem is pre-funding, not postal services? Click here to get started.

Click here to read a fact sheet about the third quarter report on the Postal Service’s improving finances.

Service is strong. Let’s show Congress that unshackled from the pre-funding mandate, the Postal Service could capitalize on the many new opportunities available in the digital era.

Meaghan Slater
Delivering for America

Download the graphic : The Truth About Postal Finances

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