Have You Called Your Congressional Representative Yet On Postal Reform? If Not, Here’s How!

image descriptionMembers in both houses of Congress are currently discussing postal reform. And the clock is ticking. The bills that are supported by the NALC come under the title of “The Postal Service Protection Act.” It is S.316 in the Senate and H.R. 630 in the House. Both are identical. Support for both bills continues to grow with 28 senators now co-sponsoring S.316 and 165 representatives co-sponsoring H.R.630.

As the two bills are being discussed in their respective committees, postal management continues to move forward with its dismantling of the Postal Service, closing additional mail processing plants and post offices in spite of objections from various congressmen and hordes of angry customers.

While discussing the importance of these bills being passed in the near-future with some of my fellow letter carriers recently, I was informed that some carriers are tongue-tied when it comes to calling their congressional representatives. They don’t call because they just don’t know what to say. My solution to that problem was to type up a brief script for them to read to their representative over the phone. I shared this script with our branch’s membership at Thursday night’s meeting, encouraging them to call their representatives asking them to support H.R.630 (House) and S.316 (Senate).

Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) is the chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. His idea of reforming the post office is to totally dismantle it and then re-invent it as a private for-profit company. He is now floating his own plan for postal reform, which is actually a reboot of his failed bill from the previous session of Congress. I believe that bill had one co-sponsor. With his never-say-die attitude toward destroying America’s postal service, he will undoubtedly push forward his misguided concept of postal reform next week. He and his committee are scheduled to meet on Wednesday, July 17.

With that in mind, I am passing along my template for calling your congressional representative. I encourage you to do it at your earliest convenience. Don’t put it off. Remember,it’s your postal service. But if people like Darrell Issa have their way, it will become the property of corporations. Please feel free to edit this to your satisfaction and comfort-level. For the purpose of keeping it simple, this phone call is for one’s district representative:

Hello, my name is___________. I live in ______________. I’m calling about the need for postal reform and I’m asking that Representative_______________support a bill that’s now being considered in the House. The bill is H.R. 630–The Postal Service Protection Act. Among other things this bill…

  • would eliminate the future retiree health benefit pre-funding requirement that now costs the Post Office around $5.5 billion a year. No other company, public or private, has to do that, only the Service Service. If it didn’t have this pre-funding burden, it would be in the black now, not in the red.
  • H.R. 630 would also prevent the unnecessary closure of our rural post offices and mail processing facilities.
  • H.R. 630 would establish permanent legislation that would require the Postal Service to deliver the mail 6 days a week. Five day delivery is not a viable option.

H.R. 630 currently has 165 co-sponsors. (If he/she is a co-sponsor) Thank you for co-sponsoring the bill and I hope you will continue to work for its passage. (If he/she is not a co-sponsor). I see that Rep._____________has not yet co-sponsored the bill. I would appreciate it if he would consider co-sponsoring it.

Thank you.

And that’s it. Other than asking you for your mailing address, e-mail address and/or how to spell your name, they won’t ask you any questions about the bill. You can find out your district representative’s phone number by clicking here.  When typing in the zip code, give all nine digits as reps want to make sure you’re actually in their district. To find out if your representative is a co-sponsor or not click here.

For a Fact Sheet on the bill, click here.

We hope you have found this useful. Now, please make the call. The future of our beloved postal service is in your hands!

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