Saturday Mail is Not the Problem

5 day wrong wayJune 25, 2013—NALC President Fredric Rolando’s letter to the editor of Northwest Indiana’s Post-Tribune responds to an earlier editorial by a Postal Service district manager, who supports service reductions such as the elimination of Saturday mail delivery:

The op-ed piece published June 16 by Postal Service District Manager Bernice Grant defended the counterproductive plan to reduce services to Indiana’s residents and businesses. Your readers deserve the full picture.

Reducing services in ways that would disproportionately hurt small businesses, the elderly, rural communities and the many who rely on the Postal Service to communicate and pay bills isn’t the right approach — because those services aren’t causing the financial problems.

The Postal Service — which funds itself by the sale of stamps and hasn’t used taxpayer money in 30 years — is doing well navigating a poor economy. For example, it had an operating profit of $100 million in this fiscal year’s first quarter. Second quarter results showed the first revenue increase — $126 million — in five years.

(Read the rest of President Rolando’s letter here)

Recently, Belleville, IL resident Frank Pawloski called NALC Headquarters in Washington and asked how he could support letter carriers. Regional Field Coordinator Meredith Place took the call and put him in touch with the NALC branch in his area, Belleville Branch 155. Pawloski had planned to provide local carriers with coffee and doughnuts—but then, the devastating Moore, OK tornado happened. The Belleville letter carriers encouraged Pawloski to take the money he was going to spend and instead give it to the American Red Cross. Pawloski was so touched that he wrote letters of appreciation to his local newspapers—the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and the Belleville News-Democrat—and he managed to dispel a few postal myths along the way for readers on both sides of the Mississippi River.

Thank a Postal Worker On Their Day:

Just a reminder that Monday, July 1, is National Postal Workers Day.

The men and women who work in our post offices are among the best workers in America. Every day, the letter carriers probably walk about 4 to 8 miles with a load of mail in their arms. In addition, they are outside in temperatures that range from below zero to over 100 degrees. They work in bone-drenching rain and at times they have to literally skate on frozen streets, driveways and sidewalks because of the sleet and snow.

I don’t think many of us would trade jobs with them under those extreme weather conditions. Yet the letter carriers are there six days a week performing their first-class services, quickly, reliably, professionally and for the lowest postage rates in the industrial world.

(Read the rest of the letter here)

Near-Record Results for 2013 Food Drive:

On Saturday, May 11, our national NALC Food Drive collected more than 74.4 million pounds of food to help restock food banks, pantries and shelters around the country—an impressive result rendered all the more necessary by the struggling economy and the multiple recent natural disasters. The May 11 effort reflected an increase of 5 percent over last year, the second-highest collection total in the drive’s 21 years and the increase was the highest in a decade.

(Read the story from the July issue of The Postal Record)


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