NALC: Good News This Week! But Our Fight is Far From Over

Five Day Wrong WayThanks largely to your hard work, the Postal Service has backed off of its plan to end Saturday mail delivery, for now. As Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) stated in an Associated Press news story, “This is good news for rural communities, businesses, seniors, veterans and others who depend on consistent and timely delivery of the mail.”

Although this is great news, our fight to strengthen the U.S. Postal Service is far from over. Now, we need Congress to focus on passing real reform that starts with growing service, not cutting it. Degrading the Postal Service’s last-mile, universal delivery network through unnecessary service cuts is a losing strategy that would send the USPS into a death spiral, disproportionately affecting small businesses, the elderly, rural communities, the one-half of postal customers who pay bills by mail, and the many millions who lack access to reliable Internet service. These service cuts also would eliminate tens of thousands of jobs at a time when unemployment remains a problem across the country.

While we still have work to do, we’ve made some great progress. Share this encouraging news with your friends and family on Facebook and Twitter!


Meaghan Slater
Delivering for America

And check out the North Carolina Letter Carrier for additional postal news.


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