Nationwide Rallies to Save Six-Day Mail Delivery a Resounding Success

Save 6-day Delivery Rallies_3-24-13 005Meaghan Slater
Delivering for America

In our fight to preserve Saturday mail and the strength of the USPS network, our success depends on the passion and devotion of the Delivering for America community. Never was that passion more visible than this past weekend at Delivering for America rallies across the county. And for that, we than you!

On all accounts, the rallies were a resounding success. Initial reports coming in from the field tally close to 3,000 attendees in NYC, 1,000 in Chicago, 250 in Rhode Island and 100 in South Dakota!

These ralliers—along with the tens of thousands of others who gathered across the U.S.— were instrumental in attracting positive public attention to Delivering for America’s mission of saving Saturday mail and strengthening the United States Postal Service. One Illinois newspaper highlighted the resilience and passion of ralliers in the face of Sunday’s blizzard conditions, quoting one as saying, “we deliver in this kind of weather all the time.”

To see more photos from rallies across the country, check out Delivering for America’s Facebook page!

Thank you again for your unwavering commitment to USA for Six-Day!


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