Taking It to the Streets–March 24 Day of Action

Postal Record_Fighting for Sat Delivery.jpgBy Fredric Rolando, President
National Association of Letter Carriers

This is the March 2013 edition of the “President’s Preview,” a quick look at the upcoming edition of The Postal Record that’s in the mail now. This e-mail message is part of our ongoing effort to ensure that your union stays in touch with every e-Activist at least once a month.

In the March magazine, you’ll find my President’s Message, titled, “Taking it to the streets — March 24 day of action”—

I’m giving Pat Donahoe a month’s notice: We are taking our fight to save America’s Postal Service and Saturday delivery to the streets on March 24. On that day, we will mobilize a broad coalition of Americans to fight for the future of the United States Postal Service. Sadly, the postmaster general gave us less than 24 hours’ notice before he launched his sneak attack on our jobs and on his own customers on Feb. 6. That’s the day Donahoe arrogantly announced his plan to end 150 years of Saturday mail delivery starting in August, even though current law mandates it—as it has for some 30 years. Dropping a bombshell like that with so little notice is not just bush-league labor relations; it’s also insulting to all the hardworking men and women who deliver the mail every day to make the Postal Service one of the best postal operations in the world.


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