Tell Your State Senator to Oppose Bill to Cut Unemployment Insurance

Unemployment BenefitsNC AFL-CIO

There’s nothing harder than being unemployed. The stigma and stress you face. Being afraid to tell your son he might have to drop out of college because you can’t afford to help pay for it.. Looking day in and day out for a job that just never seems to materialize.

That was what I faced for nine months after I was laid off from my job. Luckily, unemployment insurance was the lifeline that helped me make it through. I’m back at work now, but I know how hard it is for tens of thousands of workers who’ve lost their jobs through no fault of their own.

Unfortunately, most of the extreme legislators in Raleigh have no idea what it’s like to be unemployed. They’re pushing a bill to drastically cut unemployment insurance right now and it could pass this week. Tell your state senator to oppose this anti-working family measure.

The bill they want to pass is shameful. It would reduce the number of weeks workers are eligible for unemployment insurance, drastically cut the maximum amount of weekly benefits unemployed workers can receive, and require workers to wait longer to receive unemployment insurance.

Unemployed workers depend on these benefits to pay bills, shop at local businesses and keep their families going. The proposed cuts not only would make their lives significantly more difficult, but also would hurt North Carolina’s economy.

Unemployed workers aren’t bad people, they’ve just been dealt a bad hand.

Tell your state senator to oppose these harsh cuts and, instead, support a balanced approach that protects workers and their families:

In Solidarity,

Stacey Hinson
Member of UAW Local 5285 in Mount Holly, NC


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