Senator Joe Lieberman Doubtful Lame Duck Congress Will Discuss Postal Reform

Lame Duck Congress

On the surface, the story below may seem like bad news: Postal Service going over the fiscal cliff. But actually, this is very good news. Heaven forbid that the lame duck Congress should have anything to do with postal reform. There are those in Congress, like Lieberman, who believe the Postal Service and the American public would be better served by eliminating Saturday mail delivery. Nothing could be further from the truth. The elimination of Saturday delivery would result in the elimination of 25,000 jobs, and have a devastating impact on the Postal Service’s competitive edge. This would eventually result in the Postal Service being privatized. If you haven’t already done so, call your congressional representative and tell them that you want the next Congress to address the issue of postal reform, not the lame duck Congress. They’re called lame ducks for a reason.

Postcom reports that Senator Joe Lieberman is doubtful that the lame duck session will accomplish anything on postal reform:

Connecticut Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman is not optimistic that competing versions of postal overhaul legislation can be reconciled before the 112th Congress ends. The Governmental Affairs chairman, who has taken the lead in trying to broker a compromise with the House before his retirement at year’s end, now puts the odds of sending the measure to President Barack Obama at “less than 50 percent.”

… and according to Rockford IL television station WREX, Rep Don Manzullo (R) agrees:


As the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) sits on the verge of bankruptcy its postmaster demands Congress act. The postal bill has been before Congress since April and time is running out on it.

But according to Rep. Don Manzullo lawmakers are not moving on the bill.

The postal service says right now it is operating on a week’s worth of cash.

View video here. – Rockford’s News Leader



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