Mitt Romney ‘Exaggerates’ at First Presidential Debate, Says He Has ‘Compassion’ for the Middle Class

According to, “Romney sometimes came off as a serial “exaggerator” during Wednesday evening’s presidential debate.” They were far too lenient. The so-called facts he spouted Wednesday evening were far more than mere exaggerations.

What probably irked me the most about the debate (other than President Obama’s lack of engagement) was Romney pretending to be a compassionate advocate for the middle-class and a “job creator.” That’s hogwash. All indications are – based on his speeches and the Republican party’s platform — is that his policies would further reduce the middle class to the working poor and exchange good paying jobs with low-paying ones.

For postal employees, past and present, the GOP platform calls for downsizing and partial privatization of the Postal Service. According to an article in the October Postal Record: “Mocking the modern U.S. Postal Service and its essential role in the economy as nothing more than mail delivery from ‘the era of the Pony Express,’ the platform puts Republican falsehoods and misunderstandings about the Postal Service on display.”

If Mr. Romney and the GOP were for the middle class as they claim, they wouldn’t be against unions. Unions are intertwined with the rise, and now the decline, of the middle class. The recent Republican convention in Tampa showcased the disdain that Republicans have for unions. The convention’s Keynote speaker, Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey said of teachers’ unions, “They (Democrats) believe in teachers unions. We (Republicans) believe in teachers.” Although Christie did work with teachers’ unions to reform tenure in New Jersey, he has worked to cut teachers’ pensions and pay, and increase class size.

If Mr. Romney were to become president, actions like this would spread nation-wide. And it wouldn’t be just teachers. We’re talking everyone who has a public job. He has already endorsed the idea of a national “right to work (for less)” law.

Romney also endorses a 10 percent cut in the federal workforce. How exactly will that add jobs? How will laying off thousands of postal workers improve the unemployment figures? In addition, Romney supports cutting federal workers’ pay and benefits and repealing the Davis-Bacon law that requires payment of prevailing wages for public work projects.

Romney boasted during the debate that he would “repeal” the Affordable Care Act (“Obama Care”) the first day in office. Despite his argument Wednesday evening, repealing the law would raise Medicare costs and cut Medicare benefits for current seniors. Despite his argument to the contrary (another “exaggeration”), a repeal would raise premiums by leaving 50 million Americans uninsured. The medical costs of those uninsured would be paid for by those who are insured, by raising their premiums.

Romney and the GOP claim that repealing the Affordable Care Act would save taxpayers money. Another exaggeration. According to the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office repeal of the law would actually increase budget deficits by $109 billion over 10 years.

Whenever you see Mr. Romney’s lips moving, be forewarned, he’s “exaggerating.” He doesn’t have compassion for the unemployed or the employed middle class. His compassion lies with those who are bankrolling his campaign: his fellow millionaires.

(Source: The Postal Record, October 2012)



One Response to “Mitt Romney ‘Exaggerates’ at First Presidential Debate, Says He Has ‘Compassion’ for the Middle Class”

  1. Friends of Labor Says:

    Thanks for your thoughtful, insightful post. Romney is a master of the art of lying, and he can be very persuasive. He should have been countered from the stage by Obama, but unfortunately that didn’t happen. Meanwhile, we can spread the word. The truth about Romney the liar needs to be widely told. Carol Driscoll

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