NALC Announces Special Election 2012 Web Page




Fredric V. Rolando, President
National Association of Letter Carriers

For letter carriers, the fate of the Postal Service is on the line with this year’s election. As I stated in my “President’s Message” in this month’s Postal Record, who wins and who loses the White House, and who wins and who loses in the House and Senate, will do more to determine your job security, your standard of living, and the quality of your health benefits and pensions than any other factor before us.

Because the outcome of this election is so vitally important to our livelihood, we’ve created a special page on our website that’s filled with links to tools you can use to stay informed about what’s at stake on November 6 and to help you explain to your family, friends and fellow workers just how crucial this election is to our jobs, our benefits and our future.

So before you sit down to watch tonight’s presidential debate, click here to check out our special Election 2012 page.

On this page, you’ll find a wealth of information, such as a map you can use to find out about NALC’s endorsed candidates in your state, to locate where you can volunteer for Labor 2012 activities, and to learn whether you can vote early in your state.

You’ll also find links that help answer your questions about early-voting timeframes or absentee ballot request deadlines. Another link will help you figure out how and where to vote, to get registered to vote or to check your registration status. Other pages will help you find your polling place and inform you about your state’s voter ID laws.

Plus there are links to ways for you to get directly involved in the Labor 2012 effort through the AFL-CIO’s “RePurpose” initiative, not to mention joining the NALC’s Carrier Corps 2012 program.

The national economy—and the Postal Service—will never truly recover until we begin rebuilding the middle class and the labor movement in America. So let’s all do our part by voting to build a better country and a stronger Postal Service.


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