Are You Kidding Me?!

by Craig Schadewald, Vice President
The North Carolina State Association of Letter Carriers

In my last article I gave two examples of the many attacks being waged on federal and public workers and the unions who represent them. I also stated it was time to stop these assaults and urged readers to get politically active, express your concerns to Congress and donate to COLCPE. The articles had good timing considering the action letter carriers needed to take regarding Senate bill S.1789.

What I don’t understand are those carriers that didn’t take action. It shocked me when I heard nationally only 13,000 calls were made regarding the amendments. And although better, but not good enough, 25,000 calls were made regarding the final passage of S.1789.

Now, I don’t know the number of those calls that came from North Carolina, but I’d like to think all of our state members called. But let’s get real. I seriously doubt that happened and seeing as this will be placed on the website, I’ll aim my comments toward our national membership as a whole.

There are over two-hundred and fifty thousand members belonging to the National Association of Letter Carriers (NALC) and only twenty-five thousand calls were made. Are you kidding me?!

Ninety percent of our NALC membership did not make a call? After all the notifications by President Rolando via e-Activist messages, the tele-town halls, the robo-calls, the urging by local branch representatives and only 10 percent acted?

What’s wrong with you people? Picture the scenario of your house on fire. Would you rather have all the firemen show up , or would you rather have only 10 percent show up?

I think we all know the answer. Imagine the impact if all our members showed up by making calls. These members that didn’t call, have they succumbed to the brainwashing that less is more for working class and retired working class Americans, or do they just want Saturday off?

The fight we’re in isn’t solely about getting Saturday off, like some self-serving carriers are actually hoping for. Would I and others enjoy a Monday through Friday schedule? Sure, it would be nice, but not at the expense of losing good paying jobs that will result from it and opening the door for further cuts to you, me, other workers, and the USPS.

There are components other than five or six day delivery linked to postal reform that will affect letter carriers. NALC national president Fred Rolando said, “I am not overstating it when I say that the pay, benefits, and job of every carrier is at stake.”

That’s right, every carrier has something at stake and 10 percent engaged isn’t going to cut it. The other 90 percent need to show up.

Thanks to all those that facilitated and/or attended demonstration and made phone calls when called upon to do so. Great job!

But we need your help even further. As I just stated, passing postal reform that is good for workers, customers and the USPS will take much more than 10 percent of our membership. It’s clear the 90 percent, non-calling letter carriers aren’t listening to the national, state and branch officers, so here’s what I’m asking of you. If you made a phone call, attended a rally, wrote a letter, or sent an e-mail contacting your member of Congress, then we need you to start talking to the letter carriers that didn’t. Explain to them why you found it important to act and how easy it was. Tell them your story.

Also explain why it’s important for them to join the forty-three thousand members currently signed up for e-Activist (Another number I think is way too low).

Again, thanks to those members who are heeding the call to become politically and legislatively active and acting when called to do so. Those of you that didn’t, there’s still time to pick up the fire hose and join the brigade in our efforts to protect your future.

The house isn’t burnt down yet.


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