20 Years of Feeding the Hungry

by NALC Legislation and Political Action

This past Saturday marked the 20th anniversary of NALC’s Stamp Out Hunger food drive, the largest one-day food-collection event in the nation.

Letter carriers, by delivering to every neighborhood throughout the country, see victims of hunger first hand six days a week. To fight to help end hunger, they set aside the second Saturday in May as the day to give something back to their communities.

In 2011, the Stamp Out Hunger food drive made it possible for 70 million people to not go hungry. Over the past 20 years, the NALC has collected over 1 billion pounds of food and fed millions of people.

While this nationwide annual event is led by letter carriers, our success is boosted with the help of our sponsors.

This year’s official sponsors were the National Rural Letter Carriers’ Association, Campbell Soup Company, Valpak, U.S. Postal Service, United Way, AFL-CIO, Feeding America, Uncle Bob’s Self-Storage and AARP.

Thank you to all who participated in NALC’s fight to end hunger. To view media coverage of the food drive in your community visit NALC’s twitter page.


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