NALC’s Fred Rolando: It’s Urgent That Senators Be Called Immediately on Pending Bill, S. 1789

Fred Rolando, President of the National Association of Letter Carriers

Last night (Sunday), I conducted a telephone town hall meeting with NALC members across the country, and tens of thousands of you were able to participate. The purpose of this call was to update you on S. 1789 and to urge letter carriers to take action to reform this deeply flawed piece of legislation.

Due to a technology glitch, Sunday night’s telephone town hall meeting “timed out,” resulting in a number of NALC members being disconnected. We apologize for this as we continue to familiarize ourselves with this new technology. If you were cut off of the call and you need additional information, call the NALC Department of Legislative and Political Affairs at 202-662-2833.

However, the important thing is that you call your senators immediately at 1-888-863-6103. Senators may consider S. 1789 as early as tomorrow, and before they do, they need to hear from you!

Lower quality, less frequent and slower service will simply drive more business away and do more harm than good.

That’s the message I need you to convey to both of your senators: that S. 1789 is not the solution.

I need you to call 1-888-863-6103 and deliver two messages.

First, tell your senators to support three amendments:

  • Senator Udall’s amendment to protect six-day mail delivery.
  • Senator Schumer’s amendment to preserve home and business door delivery.
  • Senator Akaka’s amendment on workers’ compensation.

Second, tell your senators to vote “NO” on final passage of S. 1789 if these three amendments are not included.

Congress needs to pass a bill that allows USPS to thrive in the 21st century while maintaining essential, affordable and reliable service for the American people.

Please continue to check as debate on S. 1789 continues this week.


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