Rep. Darrell Issa Continues Campaign to Dismantle the Postal Service

By NALC Legislation and Political Action

This weekend, Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) continued his social media assault on the Postal Service, making a case to the American people that Congress should make the cuts to begin the process of dismantling the USPS.

Coming prepared with an arsenal of misinformation, Issa claims that his “postal reform” legislation, HR 2309, would not end collective-bargaining rights for postal employees if it passed. Rather, he is satisfied that his proposals do enough to severely limit the right to bargain collectively by including the creation of an oversight authority that would have the power to unilaterally change and nullify portions of bargained agreements.

Furthermore, Issa misleadingly declared, “USPS is not required to fund 75 years of retirement benefits in 10 years.” Yet the USPS is required to put roughly $5.5 billion per year through 2016 into a fund called the Postal Service Retiree Health Benefits Fund (PSRHBF). This fund cannot be used to pay for the cost of benefits for current retirees; rather, it would fund 80 percent of the cost of USPS retirees over the next 75 years.  Forgetting the fact that there is already more than $40 billion in the PSRHBF right now—half of the total cost of retiree health benefits over the next 75 years—Issa’s misinformation campaign has one purpose: To tear apart the USPS, one piece at a time.

By focusing on cutting business and service standards, busting the postal employees’ unions and ending the trusted service provided to the American people six days a week, Issa refuses to work toward a viable future for the USPS.

The right legislative solution will empower the USPS to find new ways to make money while using existing USPS resources in every community, continuing to visit every American home and business six days a week, and providing more convenience and service to the American people.


One Response to “Rep. Darrell Issa Continues Campaign to Dismantle the Postal Service”

  1. Molly Kelly Says:

    Why is the Post Office any of Darrell Issa’s business anyway? He is trying to privatize a business that every American uses. There is an alternative to him – Democrat endorsed Jerry Tetalman. Jerry is aware of the pressures the Congress is putting on the post office and will work to help all Americans keep their jobs at this crucial time of economic recovery. This is not the time to be laying off anyone.

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