Obama’s 2013 Budget Includes Five-Day Delivery Language

NALC Activist Alert

President Obama released his own plan for the 2013 federal budget, creating the usual stir of controversy found in today’s politics.

While the budget included some positive pieces for the NALC, it is difficult not to focus on our disappointment with the president’s continued stance on eliminating a day of mail delivery.

Obama’s proposal caught the attention of the national media as well, considering cuts in delivery service would affect a $1.3 trillion industry and impact the jobs of 7.5 million American workers.

The proposal threatens “the viability of the Postal Service itself,” President Rolando told The Wall Street Journal, “and begin to dismantle the universal network that has served the country well for 200 years.”

President Rolando also pointed out USPS’ net operating profit of $200 million from the first quarter of Fiscal Year 2012, which covers the last three months of 2011. Despite operating profits driven by a strong increase in online merchandise sales, USPS instead chose to focus on the heavy losses resulting from the unfair burden to pre-funding future retiree health benefits, a burden unique to the Postal Service and shared by no other government agency or private company.

Click here to read President Rolando’s full statement on the budget


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