New Hampshire’s “Right to Work” (for Less) Bill

from NALC Activist Alert

Last year, New Hampshire Gov. John Lynch vetoed the state legislature’s “right to work” bill, HB 474, after it passed the House and the Senate over the protests of thousands of people.

This year, the legislature introduced HB 383, a “right to work” (for less) bill that applies to state employees such as toll collectors, snowplow drivers and social workers. The bill is not a duplicate of HB 474 but it could be amended to apply to all workers.

On Jan. 5, the New Hampshire House passed HB 383 by 212 to 128, short of a two-thirds threshold needed to override a veto.

“We’ll continue to fight until [House] Speaker [William] O’Brien stops playing games with our legislature and starts making decisions that help New Hampshire workers and grow our economy,” said Kelly Torosian, a Fairpoint technician and member of IBEW.

The New Hampshire House’s Labor, Industrial and Rehabilitative Service Committee is expected to hold a hearing Jan. 19 about a host of bills restricting collective bargaining for public employees. Teachers, firefighters, state employees and community members are already gearing up to attend the hearing and to tell their lawmakers why these bills are not good for New Hampshire.

“As New Hampshire struggles out of this recession, Speaker O’Brien has shown no wavering from the extreme Tea Party agenda that has cost us thousands of jobs in the Granite State,” New Hampshire AFL-CIO president Mark MacKenzie said. “He will push his agenda at any cost—regardless of how it impacts the people of New Hampshire.”


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