AT&T America’s Only Unionized Wireless Company

By NALC Legislation and Political Action

AT&T Wireless employs 40,000 members of the Communications Workers of America and remains the only unionized wireless company. It is proud to employ union workers and respects the rights of its workers. While there are many wireless competitors out there–Verizon Wireless, Sprint and CREDO mobile, to name a few–AT&T is the only unionized national wireless provider.

Despite what these other wireless companies want you to believe, AT&T is the wireless provider that is a solid union company. CREDO Mobile is non-union, Sprint has a record of outsourcing and cutting thousands of jobs, contracts out 70 percent of its customer service work and has cut nearly 25,000 American jobs over the past four years. Sprint has built its business on thwarting the collective voice of its workers.

NALC members (and anyone else who supports unions and their employers) can support union workers by signing up for AT&T Wireless and can take advantage of discounts offered to union members.

Find out how to switch carriers by going here.

To find more information about anti-union Sprint, go here.

(Picture credit: Wireless Promotion Codes)


2 Responses to “AT&T America’s Only Unionized Wireless Company”

  1. Kc Says:

    Really? You think their poor service has to do with the union? Because Sprint and Tmobile’s service is great? What is your excuse for them? How about your cable company? Ever talk to them when you have a problem? Their service sucks, costs too much and they are not union. Where is your excuse there? Give me a break. AT&T’s prices and service has absolutely nothing to do with the union. Also, what would you call a “fair wage” for the people that answer your call? You think paying them less would give you better customer service?

  2. none Says:

    And this is why AT&T is known for high prices and poor service. If they were able to pay a fair wage (the real value of the work, instead of the unearned handouts that make a large percentage of union pay), we’d be better off.

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