The Postal Service’s Plans to End Saturday Delivery and Other Cost-Cutting, Service-Cutting Measures: A Leap of Faith?

By Richard Thayer

If you were driving down the highway and you saw someone standing on the railing of a bridge preparing to leap to their death, what would you do: drive on by and let them jump, or stop and try to talk them down?

The U.S. Postal Service is putting in motion a series of actions that, if implemented, would ensure its demise. It’s hoping that you won’t try to interfere.

This is how Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe and some politicians in Washington are proposing to euthanize America’s postal service.

  • End Saturday delivery, thereby initiating the first of mail delivery days to be eliminated under the auspices of “saving money.” More days will follow. Wednesday may be next in line.
  • End door delivery. Most mail in the future will either be delivered to the street, to a centralized location somewhere down the road, or to the nearest town. Are you elderly or handicapped? Tough.
  • Padlock 3,000 post offices around the country. This is just a start. As mail volume continues to decline due to cut-backs in service, more post offices will be closed as well. Yours may be next.
  • Close half of the nation’s mail processing plants, moving them to other states, delaying mail delivery by an additional two to three days. If you think it’s snail mail now, you ain’t seen nothing yet.
  • Place over 200,000 postal employees in the unemployment lines. The people who are talking about the importance of our nations “job creators” are creating jobs. They’re just doing it in other countries.
  • Ignore the fact that its paying $5.5 billion annually into its retiree health fund over the next 10 years to fund it for the next 75 years is totally unnecessary and could move it from the red into the black with the stroke of a pen.
  • Pass HR 2309, a bill that would make all of the above a reality, plus strip the unions of their bargaining rights.
  • Ignore HR 1351, a bill which would put the Postal Service back on sound, financial footing.

The Postal Service, which now stands poised to leap to his death, is hoping that you either aren’t noticing or that you don’t care and will drive on by. You do this not only at the peril of the Postal Service, the best in the world, but you also do it at your own peril. Call your congressional representative and tell them to vote for HR 1351, a sensible, fiscally responsible bill that will save the Postal Service from self-destruction.

For information on how you can help Save America’s Postal Service, go here.

For an excellent weekly analysis of what’s happening to our post offices and postal service, go here.

(Cartoon credit: Oconee Prevention Resource Council)


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