Two Contests to Determine Our Nation’s Most Scooge-Like Individuals or Corporations

By Richard Thayer

If you’re getting a little weary from Christmas shopping, I’d like to suggest a couple of enjoyable diversions. I recently came across two fun contests that you might be interested in. You don’t win anything, but they do allow you to vent your frustrations on our dysfunctional government. So, since we can’t vote until next November, this may help reduce your skyrocketing blood-pressure a little.

In one of these contests you get to nominate someone for “Scrooge of the Year,” and in the other you can nominate the person or company you think is the very worst of the nation’s 1 percent. True, you’ll probably have difficulty in narrowing it down to just one, but you should have fun trying.

Jobs With Justice (JWJ) is now conducting its 12th annual “Scrooge of the Year” contest. By going here you can nominate the person or company that you think is the greediest and the most cold-hearted.

Past recipients of this honor have been Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, the Goodyear Tire Company, WalMart, the US Chamber of Commerce, and the Wall Street executives who took us to the brink of an economic apocalypse.

JWJ will pick the top nominees and begin the screening process for this year’s Scrooge.

To enter your candidate, go here.

My personal favorite for this honor is Postmaster General Patrick “Let’s Privatize the Postal Service” Donahoe.

I will be nominating him for the following reasons:

  • He wants to Scrooge 200,000 postal employees out of their jobs.
  • He plans to Scrooge the American public by eliminating Saturday delivery.
  • He is in the process of shutting down 3,000 post offices and half of its mail processing plants.
  • He wants to Scrooge the Postal Service’s hard-working employees by taking away their bargaining rights and Scrooging over their health benefits.

There are other reasons, but those will suffice.

So to our illustrious Postmaster General I say, Scrooge you.

Running a close second is Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) who is pushing a bill that would destroy the Postal Service and bust up its unions.

Some of my other favorites are presidential candidate Newt “I Look and Sound Like I’ve Eaten a Stink Bug” Gingrich; conservative pundits Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter; Fox News; Wisconsin’s (temporary) Governor, Scott Walker; Florida’s Governor, Rick Scott; and New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie.

Another contest you might want to enter is “The Worst of the Worst of the 1 Percent.” This one is being conducted by Brave New Foundation (BNF). Quoting from their website:

“Who’s using their wealth to exploit the 99%? You tell us. Start voting by rating any of the nominees (listed) on a scale of ‘ho-hum’ to ‘pure evil.’ Then you’ll be taken through the list of nominees, person by person, to rate each one. Our job will be to make a series of videos exposing the ones you rate as the worst. So go ahead. Take your democracy back.”

Well, I don’t think your participation will allow you to take your democracy back (that will happen in the voting booth next year) but it should be fun.

Among the candidates are: Rupert Murdoch; Rob “The Billionaire Bully” Walton of WalMart shame; the Koch Brothers; Rush Limbaugh; Rep. Darrell Issa; Ivan “The Terrible” Seidenberg of Verizon; Richard “The Union Buster” Anderson of Delta Airlines; and last but least, Dick “The Sith Lord” Cheney of Haliburton.

Top vote-getters so far are: Rupert Murdoch (2,732); the Koch Brothers (2,375); Dick Cheney (2,128); and Rush Limbaugh (2,025).

To see a video on this, go here.

Who do you think is doing the best job of eviscerating the economy and destroying our democracy?

Let your voice be heard.

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One Response to “Two Contests to Determine Our Nation’s Most Scooge-Like Individuals or Corporations”

  1. FLPatriot Says:

    I would have Scrooge McDuck in the White House then a thief that thinks it is ok to take money from someone to give it to their friends. At least Scrooge worked for what he had.

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