Make the Call, Stop Legislation That Would Destroy the Postal Service

(This is a cross-post from American Rights at Work)

Tea party politicians in Congress are mobilizing to kill collective bargaining rights for postal workers and end mail delivery to your door.

This is an extraordinary attack. Any day now this bill is headed for a vote, and that’s why we need everyone to join in and make calls to their representatives.

Grab your phone now. It takes 60 seconds to make this urgent call.

Last month, anti-worker Republicans quietly pushed HR 2309 through Committee vote, mandating $3 billion in cuts to the US Postal Service. The bill would close facilities, end door-to-door mailbox delivery service for 90 percent of American households and businesses, and lay off as many as 200,000 workers. Like the actions taken by extreme right-wing legislators in Wisconsin and Ohio, HR 2309 would also gut postal workers’ collective bargaining rights.

The bill is headed for a vote in the full House of Representatives any day now, and that’s why it’s critical Congress hears from you today.

The clock is ticking–please make your phone call now to stop HR 2309!

We recognize that calls are not easy to make, but we consider this an emergency and need your voice to be heard. The stakes couldn’t be higher. If enacted, HR 2309 would also:

End Saturday mail delivery service, hurting small businesses, rural customers, the elderly, and those who rely on the mail for medicine delivery.

Radically downsize the Postal Service, destroying 200,000 jobs and threatening the centerpiece of a $1.3 trillion mailing industry that employs 7.5 million private-sector workers.

Force the closure of thousands of post offices, slowing mail service in many communities.

Fail to address the true cause of the Postal Service’s financial woes–the 2006 Congressional mandate to pre-fund future retiree health benefits, a burden faced by no other government agency or firm.

No matter where you live, in the biggest city or the smallest town, the men and women of the US Postal Service will deliver your mail six days a week. A Postal Service employee will come to your door whether you are young or old, rich or poor–whether your business is on Wall Street, Main Street, or in your garage.

Unfortunately, there are those in Washington who want to strip away our letter carriers’ right to a voice at work–and their ability to serve us all.

Tell Congress not to destroy your mail delivery or collective bargaining rights. Contact your representative and ask him/her to vote AGAINST HR 2309.

(Photo source: Freedom2work)


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