Ohioans Express Buyer’s Remorse Over Gov. John Kasich

By NALC Legislation and Political Action

A new poll from Public Polling shows Ohio voters both oppose stripping workers of collective bargaining rights and disapprove of Gov. John Kasich’s job.

Asked how they would vote if the election were today, voters overwhelmingly elected to repeal S.B. 5 by voting NO on Issue 2–at 57 percent–while only 37 percent support taking away workers’ rights.

PPP also found that if Kasich were up for re-election today, voters would vote for his 2010 opponent, Ted Strickland, over him by a 54-40 margin.

As Taegan Goddard’s Political Wire says, Ohio voters “continue to feel significant buyer’s remorse about their choice for governor last year.”

The poll is great news for now, but Kasich and the corporate elites funding the effort to pass S.B. 5 will stop at nothing to deceive and suppress enough votes to eliminate workers’ rights at the ballot box. He even stole footage of a great-grandmother favoring a NO vote on Issue 2, and ran an ad distorting her words to paint the picture that she in fact supported his anti-worker legislation.

Workers must keep up the fight on this historic campaign to make the voice of Ohioans heard and protect collective bargaining rights for all workers.

(Photo Credit: Politics Daily)


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