NALC’s Fred Rolando to Letter Carriers: It’s Time to Take Our Message Back to the American People

By NALC President Fred Rolando

A majority of representatives in the House has co-sponsored H.R. 1351, thanks to (the hard work of letter carrier activists). Reaching this majority was a direct result of the lobby visits, rallies and media coverage you have generated since the legislation was introduced.

However, our fight is far from over, and we must keep up the momentum. It is time to take our message back to the American people and show Congress that the public stands with us on saving Saturday delivery.

Over the next several weeks, the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction, the “super committee,” will produce a plan to reduce the federal deficit. It may include a package of proposals to fix the financial difficulties facing the USPS. Among the proposals they will consider is President Obama’s proposal to allow the USPS to reduce the number of delivery days from six to five.

At the National Rap Session in Las Vegas last weekend, I announced the next phase of the “Save America’s Postal Service” campaign: a national petition drive urging Congress to preserve six-day delivery. Through this petition drive, we will build support among the American public and continue to let Congress know that six-day delivery is crucial to the future of the Postal Service.

The only way we will be successful is if every NALC member does his part or her part. Every NALC branch is charged with collecting 10 times its membership size in signatures. Your role as an NALC activist will be critical to achieving your branch’s goal.

Completed petitions should be mailed to NALC’s Department of Legislative and Political Affairs and arrive before Monday, November 14.

Click the links to download the petition and other relevant materials:


Petition Guide.

Petition Do’s and Don’ts.

Flier: Save Saturday Delivery.

We will send members of Congress the petitions from their districts. On the Save America’s Postal Service website, we will list the total number of signatures gathered by each branch.

Please work with your branch president and organize at least one signature-gathering event each week between now and the November 14 deadline. Your participation is needed to mobilize NALC members, activists and community allies.

For more information, please click here to visit the “Save America’s Postal Service” website.

Together we are stronger, and with your help, we can continue to deliver for America six days a week.


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