Postal Service to Letter Carriers: Row Faster!

Today I’d like to share with you an article from the Postal Record, the monthly publication of the National Association of Letter Carriers. This particular article is written by Fredrick Nimer, the scribe for Branch 630 in Greensboro, NC. What is so sad about this article regarding postal management is that it’s not unique to Greensboro. It’s happening everywhere, all across the country, in hundreds (if not thousands) of post offices. And considering the current Postal Service crisis, this is a problem that will only get worse in the months ahead:

By Fredrick Nimer, Branch 630

Well, it’s the same ol’ stuff in Greensboro–overburdened routes, management harassment and “hurry up and be back by 5:30 pm so you don’t miss the truck taking mail to the plant.”

Guess what? It ain’t happening. At the September union meeting, carriers were telling stories about the examiners going out with the carriers doing 3999’s. They were telling the carriers they are moving too slowly, to hurry up; and every move they make, they question the carrier about why they did that.

On several occasions, managers have sent out vehicles to pick up the examiners because they were going to be out late and I guess they want to go home, but the carriers kept delivering on their routes. This is a violation of the carrier handbook (a Postal Service publication).

The stewards are filing grievances.

The supervisors are going around to carriers saying that they should be out by a certain time to go to the street, and if they are not, it could lead to disciplinary action. So far, it hasn’t happened yet. We have had several carriers come back from the street after 7 pm. The late supervisor asked the carrier, “Why are you so late?” Explain to the supervisor why you were late.

Teams from the district are sending out inspectors on the street, watching carriers. President (Jim) Tvelia said they can do this, but make sure that the next day you get your observation form from your supervisor, and keep the form for your records, if they don’t file a grievance.

They adjusted these routes with the COR program–let them pay the price. Management is supposed to review the new adjustments in 60 days; let’s see if they do any adjustments.

Stewards in Greensboro are doing a super job keeping management in check; they deserve a “Thank you!”

Always remember to do your job and do it safely.


Like I said in the introduction, these problems aren’t just confined to Greensboro, they are widespread. And growing worse by the day. This is the true postal crisis.


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