Hallmark CEO and President: Cutting a Day of Mail Delivery Makes No Sense

By NALC Legislation and Political Action

Donald J. Hall, Jr., president and CEO of Hallmark Cards, is a man who–just about anyone would assume–has a clear stake in a healthy, vibrant Postal Service that lasts for generations to come.

That may be exactly why he decided to write a guest opinion piece in Saturday’s The Missourian declaring that eliminating a day of mail delivery service makes no sense in light of the major long-term financial burdens that the Postal Service desperately needs Congress to fix.

As most successful businesspeople know, reducing service–particularly a service that gives your business a unique edge over the competition–is not part of any solution that leads to long-term sustainability, as the NALC has said for years. Mr. Hall also points specifically to the pension funding miscalculations and the unique burden of pre-funding future retiree health benefits that no other company or agency must struggle through.

Mr. Hall’s remarks are not unique among business leaders. His opinion about protecting six-day delivery is indicative of the sentiment among the thousands of business leaders nationwide who signed a letter to the Postal Regulatory Commission last winter underlining the value of six-day mail delivery to their business and urging the PRC to recommend its preservation.

These facts make it all the more disconcerting that the congressman who chairs the House committee with jurisdiction over the Postal Service, Rep. Darrell Issa–a self-proclaimed businessman–doesn’t seem to get why the Postal Service is worth protecting.


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