“Save America’s Postal Service” Rallies Scheduled for September 27

This is a cross-post from the NALC e-Activist Network:

“Save America’s Postal Service” rallies will take place in every congressional district in the United States on September 27 from 4 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. (local time).

These information events are designed to encourage Congress to pass H.R. 1351, legislation that addresses the financial crisis facing the Postal Service.

The Events page at SaveAmericasPostalService.org has been updated to include more than 300 sites where rallies will take place. The website will be updated every day, so make sure you bookmark it and check it often for the latest information.

Events on September 27 will engage the public through speeches, handouts and gatherings to make our voices heard. It’s anticipated that a wide variety of supporters will participate in “Save America’s Postal Service” rallies, including small business owners who use the mail to advertise, businesses that consistently ship products using the Postal Service, and faith leaders and progressive allies who have concerns for the plight of working men and women.

Our combined dedication and activism will contribute to returning the Postal Service to solid financial footing.

If you are not an NALC e-Activist and would like to become one, go here to sign up.

For information on “Save America’s Postal Service” events in North Carolina, go here.

NALC President Fredric Rolando was a guest on “The Hutchinson Report Newsmaker Hour” on Los Angeles radio station KTYM (1460 AM) Friday, September 16. The program can be heard online by going here. (On the list of programs on the page click on Friday, September 16, “Troy Davis Fights for His Life.” Rolando’s interview will be the first one aired.)

(Image source: mlive.com)


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