We Need to Do What We Can to Keep the Ship From Sinking

By Mike Kurz

I hope the end of summer finds everyone healthy. I’m going to have an interesting next 10 months. I’m getting a second opinion but I found out last month that it’s not my knee but my hip that is bothering me. So I may have to get hip replacement right after New Years. Don’t be surprised if I’m on crutches at our training seminar in Winston-Salem in March. I’m hoping to be 100 percent by the end of next summer.

If anyone needs any online help with anything, I’ll probably have from January to May to play with.

Hopefully, everyone has been fighting hard and writing their congressional members in regards to all the legislative issues pertaining to the USPS. We have to save the ship from sinking, even though there’s not really a leak!

The lies that are spreading from mostly Republicans in Congress are really hurting our case about the pre-funding and other topics. Fred is doing a great job of fighting them off but we need to keep fighting and not back down. I know a lot of the members are lackadaisical and are not really worried, but everyone should be involved in helping us in this matter. That’s why it’s called a UNION.

If any of your members doubt what the union has done for them, tell them to look in their paychecks on September 30!

(picture credit: http://www.dreamstime.com)


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