One Man’s Efforts to Save the Post Office

By Richard Thayer

Today we’d like to recommend a blogger. His name is Steve Hutkins and his blog is “Save the Post Office” and it reports on planned closures, consolidations and other postal matters. His main objective in setting up the blog is to prevent the Postal Service from closing approximately 4,300 offices that are now on the endangered list.

We learned about it recently from an article about him and his mission in The Washington Post.

Steve lives in Rhinecliff, New York, population 685. Due to its size and location, there’s no mail delivery in his rural community. If you want your mail, you go to the local post office and pick it up.

Although his post office hasn’t been targeted for closing just yet, he’s concerned that it very well could be. As the result of that concern he set out on a one-man crusade this past spring to save the 4,300 post offices that are currently under review by the USPS for possible closure.

In his interview with The Washington Post, Hutkins told the paper, “I live in a very small town with a very small post office. My goal is to save all of these post offices.”

Recent articles on his blog have included these headlines: “The Perfect Storm: How everything is coming together to take the Postal Service apart,” “Don’t touch my junk: The bulk mail industry says hands off our profits,” and “The Shock Doctrine: Why the Postal Service is scaring the hell out of us.”

Normally Hutkins teaches literature at New York University, but because of his recent “obsession” with the Postal Service’s plans for downsizing, he’s taken a leave of absence so he can focus full-time on his blog and his mission.

One of the most popular features of his site is an interactive map that shows the 4,300 post offices that are being considered for extinction.

If you’re interested in keeping abreast of what’s going on with the Postal Service and its antics, we highly recommend “Save the Post Office.”

Check it out.

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