Wisconsin Recall Elections: A Waste of Time and Money?

By Richard Thayer

Well, CNN got my blood boiling first thing this morning. They say you shouldn’t watch the news just before going to bed (it interferes with your sleep). It may not be such a good idea to watch it first thing in the morning either (it can screw up your whole day!).

It had to do with yesterday’s recall elections in Wisconsin. There were high hopes among many, both inside and outside the state, that Democratic challengers would be able to win at least three of the six contested Republican seats in the state senate.But, unfortunately, it was not to be. Although Democrats were able to take away two of those seats, they fell short of the all-important third.

In “reporting” the story this morning on CNN the two lady anchors opined that the whole recall thing was a “waste of money” and chalked it all up to “partisan bickering.”

Their observations were, to say the least, superficial. Partisanship had nothing to do with it. Although it had Democrats challenging Republicans for their seats in the senate, the elections yesterday involved much more than one political party running against another.

The recall elections in Wisconsin on Tuesday pitted working class people against the interests of big business and corrupt government.It had to do with regular middle class, working folks seeing their futures being threatened by a twisted ideology that wants to feed its greed for more profits by stripping away the bargaining rights of public employees–and by doing so, stripping away the wages and benefits of ALL working people, union and non-union, public and private alike.

The people had an option. Earlier this year when Governor Scott Walker and his cronies in the state assembly decided to strip away public worker’s bargaining rights under the guise of addressing the state’s financial problems, they had the option of rolling over and taking it on the chin, or standing up and fighting. They chose to fight.

It was Scott Walker and the Republican majority who picked this fight, not the people of Wisconsin. In my estimation, they did the right thing.

Yes, the Democrats (who represent the interests of Wisconsin’s middle class families), fell short by one seat. And I’m sure that’s a fact the governor and other anti-labor forces will tout when giving their sound-bites to the media.
BUT they LOST two seats. That means there are at least two more voices of reason in the senate. That’s two more than they had there on Tuesday.

Those two seats mean that the Republicans have very little wiggle-room when it comes to handing down anti-labor and, quite frankly, anti-democracy, rulings in the future. If a few Republicans (they’re not all brain-dead) side with Democrats on certain critical issues, Walker’s agenda will fail.

There is hope for the future. Certainly more hope than there was earlier this week. I hope that all of us who are concerned about the future of the middle class in this country will rally behind our brothers and sisters in Wisconsin and encourage them to keep up the good fight. I fully believe that as goes Wisconsin, so goes the rest of the country. Tuesday’s recall elections was a battle, not the war. The war on the middle class has just begun.

Next up, two re-called Democrats in the state’s senate face challengers next week. It’s imperative that they hold onto those seats.

And then, come next year, the BIG recall: Governor Scott Walker himself.


One Response to “Wisconsin Recall Elections: A Waste of Time and Money?”

  1. Michael Teuschler Says:

    you are wrong, you are biased, you are partisan, you are lying

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