Citizens’ Veto Will Be On the Ballot in Ohio in November

This is a crosspost from NALC Activist Alert:

Yesterday the Ohio ballot board voted unanimously to put the repeal of Gov. John Kasich’s anti-union Senate Bill 5 on the ballot in November.

Earlier this summer, more than 1.3 million signatures were gathered and presented to Ohio’s secretary of state in the first step of an effort to repeal Kasich’s blatant attack on Ohio’s working families.

Voters in Ohio will head to the polls on November 2, where history will be made when they cast their votes to repeal Senate Bill 5.

Ohio is one of many states where the NALC is working to reverse anti-union legislation that’s been passed this year.

NALC worked to gather signatures in Ohio this spring and we will continue to work with the AFL-CIO and the “We Are One” coalition to ensure that voters in Ohio turn out on November 2.

The Labor 2011 campaign was officially launched last Saturday as union members in Ohio knocked on doors to get the vote out to repeal Senate Bill 5.

To read more about what’s happening in Ohio and how to get involved, please visit the Ohio AFL-CIO’s webpage.


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