So-Called “Shared Sacrifice”

This is a crosspost from NALC Activist Alert

Yesterday (Wednesday), AFL-CIO President Rich Trumka took to task recent White House proposals that are harmful to working families and do little to help rebuild the economy.

First, Trumka blasted the White House’s support of the deficit-reduction plan created by the so-called “Gang of Six.” The proposal created by a bipartisan debt commission, would limit deductions for home mortgages, health insurance and retirement savings for the middle class to help achieve $3.7 trillion in savings over 10 years.

“Both parties keep telling us that deficit reduction requires ‘tough choices’ and ‘shared sacrifice’ and ‘taking on sacred cows,'”Trumka said, “but then we keep seeing bipartisan support for plans like the so-called ‘Gang of Six’ that cut Social Security benefits, kill jobs, give tax incentives for corporations to export good jobs overseas, tax health benefits, and lower tax rates for billionaires and corporations. There’s no shared sacrifice here. The only sacred cows being gored are working people, the middle class, seniors and the poor.”

On the same day, First Lady Michelle Obama, in an effort to address areas of our country with “food deserts,” invited to the White House representatives from anti-worker Wal-Mart. Food deserts are areas of the country that do not have access to fresh produce and basic healthy ingredients. It’s a serious problem, but one that should be solved without sacrificing good middle class jobs.

“We cannot ignore the reality that Wal-Mart is America’s chief corporate poverty creator,” said Mary Kay Henry, president of SEIU. “Wal-Mart should not be celebrated for false contributions to our communities and glitzy public relations campaigns.”

Other union retailers, such as Safeway, can help solve this issue instead while at the same time providing good union jobs in a food desert.


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