Billionaire Koch Brothers Putting Stamp on 2012 GOP Nomination

This is a cross-post from NALC Activist Alert:

The billionaire Koch Brothers, head of Koch Industries, continue to influence conservative politics and their Tea Party-endorsed politicians. Through various political action groups and committees, the brothers have spent tens of millions of dollars over the past several decades on free-market, anti-government and anti-union causes.

The two brothers, David and Charles, have recently struck a chord across labor-related airwaves through their group Americans for Prosperity. AFP, known as one of the major financial backers of the Tea Party, stepped out this past spring in strong support for Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s union-busting initiatives. The group ran ads in favor of Walker’s plan to strip public-sector employees of their right to bargain collectively and lobbied the governor in favor of the bill as well. Walker was obliged to listen, given that Koch Industries’ political action committee was one of the largest donors to his campaign.

Now, the Koch brothers have stepped into the 2012 GOP presidential nomination race, contributing $10,000 to Rep. Michele Bachmann’s campaign. Many thought the brothers would send Mitt Romney them first check, since they remain close to the former Massachusetts governor and have hosted events for him in the past, but the Kochs have also contributed a total of $25,000 to Bachmann since 2006.

Over the next couple of months, the Koch brothers will most likely spread their vast resources across the GOP spectrum, focusing on any candidate who embodies the brothers’ freewheeling market ideals. While we do not know how much the Koch brothers will contribute to campaigns in 2012, we do know, based on Walker and Wisconsin, the potential consequences for working men and women with such a powerful influence looming over any candidate.

In addition to the above, we also received this word through the NALC’s e-Activist Network and NALC President Fred Rolando:

I contacted you last week to inform you that the Rules Committee in the House of Representatives was going to make a decision that could determine the fate of six-day mail delivery service.

As of today, Tuesday, July 19, the hearing that was temporarily postponed last week has not been rescheduled.

Congress is in session this week. Therefore, the hearing could take place at any time. Please visit NALC’s homepage for the most up-to-date information.

Last week, you did your part to preserve six-day delivery and, when I call on you again, I know you will take action to keep the pressure on all 435 representatives.

Thank you for your continued efforts to preserve the excellent level of service we provide, six days a week.
In Solidarity,
Fredric V. Rolando, President
National Association of Letter Carriers


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