Right-Wing Lawmakers Want to Privatize Federal Jobs at All Agencies

The following from our friends at AFGE (American Federation of Government Employees):

Right-wing lawmakers are not only taking away federal employees’ pay and benefits but now they are also trying to privatize their jobs. Twenty-one House lawmakers this past week wrote to the chairman of the House Appropriations Committee urging him to lift a ban on A-76 outsourcing studies before documented problems in the process are fixed.

Lifting the ban would allow contractors to take jobs from federal workers using the unfair process. This is just political payback to the contractors for their political contributions.

Congress has put in place a government-wide ban on A-76 since 2009 after the Government Accountability Office and the DoD inspector general determined that agencies did not have reliable systems to track costs and savings from using the A-76 process and that significant costs of conducting A-76 outsourcing studies were ignored.

The DoD IG also found that the outsourcing process was biased against federal employees because it imposed excessive charges on in-house bids.

Later this month, the House will consider the fiscal 2012 Financial Services Appropriations bill, which includes the government-wide ban on A-76. If House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa, who has led a war against federal workers on various fronts, is unable to lift the ban on outsourcing on technical grounds without a vote, it is likely that anti-federal employee Rep. Pete Sessions will offer an amendment to kill the outsourcing ban.

This will be the year’s most important House vote on federal jobs’ privatization as it affects ALL agencies. AFGE has urged its Locals to immediately reach out to their representatives to defeat the attempt to destroy federal workers and waste taxpayers’ dollars at the time when the country is trying to rein in the deficit.


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