Together, We Must Get the Job Done As a Union

By Michael Kurz

I hope everyone had a great time at the State Convention! Now back to the business at hand.

If you’re not an e-Activist, please consider becoming one. The job you save may be your own. Together we can get the job done as a UNION. Apart, we don’t stand a chance against the forces in Congress that want to pick at us and tear us apart piece by piece based on their lies about us not being profitable.

We have to get pro-worker politicians elected to help not only us, but all American workers.

I was glad to hear President Obama this past week take Congress to task to “get the job done.” Whether they heed his advice is another story, but the alternative is not acceptable.

We have to make sure that Representative Issa from California does not get re-elected. From what I’ve read about him, he has to be the least pro-worker member of Congress.

I hope all of our union brothers and sisters have a happy and safe Independence Day!


One Response to “Together, We Must Get the Job Done As a Union”

  1. Auto 5 Says:

    I love it when union workers complain after they sat out the last election because they thought the democrats weren’t doing enough for them. That takes brains…

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