With Friends Like These, Who Needs Enemies?

By Richard Thayer

It seems like wherever you turn these days, politicians are busy hatching plans that will irrevocably harm working class families under the guise of “helping us.” Some helping hands, huh? If we were drowning, these are the kinds of friends who would throw us an anvil instead of a life-preserver.

As you may recall our Republican “friends” in the House of Representatives passed a bill  before taking two weeks off for Easter recess that would privatize Medicare and Medicaid. This was done for our “good,” in order to protect us from Big Government. Under this “Road to Prosperity” plan, instead of the government providing these “entitlements,” it would be handed over to our “friends” in the insurance industry. Now doesn’t that make us feel all warm and fuzzy.

The Road to Prosperity winds through Social Security as well, upping the retirement age. Maybe not too bad if you’re a congressman or a bean counter, but if you actually do hard, physical labor, it could present a bit of a problem. How would you like to work in a coal mine until you’re 70? Or, for that matter, how many of you would like to deliver mail and put up with your supervisor’s snotty attitude for 40 or 50 years? Then you live a couple of years and die. Talk about hell on earth.

This coming Thursday (April 28) at noon, there will be a “Say No to Working ‘Til We Die Rally.” The title pretty much says it all. This will be held at the Social Security Building at 4701 Old Wake Forest Road in Raleigh. The purpose of the rally is to convey to our representatives that they should keep their cotton-pickin’ grubby paws off of Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.

There’s a video out now that addresses the retirement issue entitled “Work ‘Til We Die.” It runs just 60 seconds. You’ll find it especially enjoyable if you’re a “Twilight Zone” fan. I can understand how the producers of the video would make the connection between our current congress and a screwed up alternate universe.

The North Carolina State AFL-CIO has also partnered with Action NC for a picket outside the North Carolina Republican Party’s headquarters on Friday morning (April 29) at 10 a.m.

For more information on these two events you can contact Jeremy Adam at 919-833-6678.

Unfortunately, our “friends” on Capitol Hill aren’t the only ones who are trying to help us by throwing us an anvil. We also have “friends” in the North Carolina General Assembly who are as busy as little beavers trying to help working class folks as well. They have introduced a bill in the House and the Senate that, if made into law, would have a negative impact on every worker in North Carolina. They are House Bill 709 and Senate Bill 504 and they both have to do with the way Workers’ Compensation would operate in the future. You can get the lowdown on these two bills by clicking on the two underlined bills above.

You are also encouraged to contact your Representative and Senator today and urge him or her to oppose these two bills. Tell them that working families are counting on them to protect our workers’ compensation system and that they should make protecting injured workers a priority rather than the interests of corporations and insurance companies.

You can find more information on this by going to here.


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