Will We Allow the American Dream to Become a Nightmare?

By Richard Thayer

We have watched with growing frustration and anger as state legislators have voted to eviscerate public sector unions’ collective bargaining rights under false pretenses and despite polls that show the majority of voters are in favor of the unions keeping those rights.

This attack on unions — and on all middle class Americans — is also being waged on the national stage too as Republican members of Congress propose cutting 700,000 to 1 million jobs and slash funding that supports a multitude of jobs that are essential to the continued well being of our towns and cities.

Despite mid-term campaigns that emphasized creating jobs and reducing the role of government, we have seen just the opposite.

The American Dream of millions of Americans is under siege. If these proposed bills in our states and on Capitol Hill become laws, the American Dream will become a nightmare.

For those of us who cherish the dream and have not been deceived by what is actually happening, we still have a voice; this is still a democracy; we are not powerless. Not yet.

All over the nation, pro-American Dream rallies are being held to show support for our public sector employees and to send a message to our representatives that they do not have our best interests at heart when they vote for issues that take away our bargaining rights and our jobs.

March 18 is the deadline for Congress to approve our country’s budget. As it now stands that budget would adversely affect upwards to 1 million American jobs.

Those of us who care about the American Dream must send a strong message to Congress and let them know that we have elected them to create jobs –good paying jobs–not to eliminate them.

Today, March 15, AFGE (with the support of the AFL-CIO and other union affiliated organizations) will be mobilizing “Defend the Dream” rallies at schools, libraries, fire stations, hospitals and parks to protest these attacks on the middle class.

These events are being held somewhere near you after work today. If you are a concerned about the future of the American middle class and unions and would like to attend one of these events today, click here and let your representatives know that they WILL be held accountable for their vote on March 18th.

We must not allow the American Dream to become the American Nightmare.


One Response to “Will We Allow the American Dream to Become a Nightmare?”

  1. Maureen A. Wilson Says:

    Maybe I have misunderstood your comments, but in this massive US debt period, the private sector has taken a beating. Citizens can’t find work.Small companies can’t get loans, can’t afford medical insurance and may have to pay higher for employee insurance, thus can’t grow or prosper as a result. And, they pay taxes to support Gov’t employees including teachers. How do you propose to cut spending if many Gov’t employees who are still employed with insurance and benefits don’t give a little? Collective bargaining can block any and all yield to budget reductions. If I have characterized this incorrectly,, pls advise. Unions have their place, however, not to the point of crippling a company or being unreasonable.

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