Strength in Numbers

By Michael Kurz, President Branch 1127

As I write this, the Wisconsin House of Representatives has just passed the bill that takes away Union rights. It is only a matter of time before the heavy-handed Republican governor gets the state police to haul a Democratic senator in so the State Senate can have a quorum and vote it into law.

Our Union rights are under attack and we cannot be nonchalant about this matter. I have written about this before but cannot stress too much how the Republicans and their billionaire supporters are trying to break our spirit and the unions as a whole!

Please get your co-workers to follow online (and in the news if they’re not online) about what is going on. The Union-busting Republicans are feeling their oats and think their election mandate can give them the right to do what they want. Show them that we have strength in numbers! The Unions need the people and the people need the Unions.

Our careers and our very lives depend on it!


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