Koch–It’s the Real Thing!

By Richard Thayer

Although it’s Governor Scott Walker who’s drawing much of the attention in the current brouhaha in Wisconsin regarding his efforts to bust the unions, he is merely a puppet. Behind this dummy is a very powerful and greedy ventriloquist. That ventriloquist is Koch (pronounced Coke — like the soft drink) Industries, owned and operated by brother billionaires Charles and David Koch.

In large part because of “generous” contributions made to Governor Walker’s 2010 campaign by the Koch boys, he was able to narrowly defeat his Democratic rival, Tom Barrett.

By “generous,” we mean over a million bucks.

In addition to $1 million for campaign advertising, the Kochs donated over $700,000 through their Wisconsin-owned pipeline company, Koch Pipeline. The Kochs also own C. Reiss Coal Company and Georgia Pacific there in Wisconsin.

The Kochs have a vested interest in the Badger State.

The Kochs are very enterprising, not to mention greedy. They’re not satisfied with just being filthy rich billionaires. No, they would like to be filthy rich zillionaires. That’s what they’ve invested so much money into Governor Scott Walker’s efforts to destroy the unions in Wisconsin.

But they’re certainly not limiting their efforts to just one state. No, the greedy little hands that are pulling Walker’s strings, and many of his conservative brethren there in Wisconsin, are also yanking the strings of politicians in other states as well where collective bargaining is under assault.

Make no mistake about it, what’s being played out on the national stage right now has absolutely nothing to do with “balancing the budget,” or addressing a state’s financial problems.

That’s all just a front. And a very flimsy one at that. Puppets like Governor Scott Walker, and their puppeteers, are using America’s financial crisis as an excuse to bust unions and gain more political power.

What we’re seeing is a battle being waged between large corporate interests like Koch Industries and working class Americans, the middle class.

What I find so sad about all of this isn’t the fact that power-hungry people like the Kochs and the Walkers of this world are so greedy and mean. That’s their nature. That’s who they are.

What I find so sad is that so many middle class, working people are being duped into believing that these people have their best interests at heart and are actually supporting them.


2 Responses to “Koch–It’s the Real Thing!”

  1. mcoville Says:

    Quick question, how would Koch industries benefit from public unions not being able to bargain for benefits?

  2. Craig Schadewald Says:

    Amen Brother! When will working people in our country wake up and see who’s got their best interest. It’s a known fact, that where there’s unions and collective bargaining, pay and benefits are better for non-union workers also. All workers win!

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