Federal Unions Continue to Shrink

By Richard Thayer

More bad news for federal unions.

A recent survey shows that unions within the federal workforce are shrinking and that House Republicans would like to see it shrink even more in the months ahead.

Earlier this month the Republican Study Committee revealed a plan for reducing the federal deficit called the “Spending Reduction Act of 2011.”

They could just as easily have called it the “Unions Reduction Act of 2011.”

If passed into law, the SRA would increase President Obama’s 2-year pay freeze for federal employees to 5 years, cut the civil service by 15 percent through attrition over 10 years, and prohibit federal workers from serving as union officials on government time (emphasis added). That last part sounds like a direct assault on union contracts and union members’ rights to steward representation on the clock.

This latest threat comes from the Republican Party at a time when union membership among federal employees as dropped below 1 million.

This continued drop in federal union membership is attributed to the government using more and more contract and temporary workers.

According to a Washington Post report, union leaders are warning that these projected cuts in federal salaries and benefits could result in losing many older workers and make it more difficult to organize younger replacements.

Of course this something anti-union lawmakers undoubtedly relish.


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