Sound and Fury Signifying…What?

By Richard Thayer

As you may have noticed there was a flurry of excitement on Capitol Hill earlier this week as the House of Representatives prepared to vote on the controversial Affordable Care Act, aka, that “job-killing,” no, make that, “job-destroying, budget busting, Obama Care, government takeover socialist” law that was originally passed back in March of last year.

Man, there hadn’t been that much excitement in Congress since Stephen Colbert graced those hallowed halls last year.

After several hours of passionate, but civil (?) debate, the vote was taken late Wednesday afternoon and — surprise!–the House Republicans voted to repeal health reform.

Wow! We didn’t see that coming!

At the close of the day yesterday Republicans were still giddy from their latest victory.

A little giddy myself from all the hoopla going into the vote, I grabbed my trusty clicker first thing this morning and turned on the TV to see what the talking heads had to say about this red-letter date in history.

This is what I’ve found so far:

— Many of our country’s most important and beautiful people attended a state dinner last night for China’s President Hu. (Who?)

— There has been extensive coverage of the VIPs who attended, what they wore, what they said and what they ate (Oooooh).

— Newly elected House Speaker John Boehner was not one of those important, beautiful people who attended the state dinner. I have been told that he had a conflict. It seems he had a tanning bed appointment scheduled at the same time (Decisions, decisions!).

— Comedian Ricky Gervais, in addition to not being invited to the state dinner, probably won’t be invited to next year’s Golden Globes either (Bummer).

— Rush Limbaugh did a hilarious impression of a Chinaman on his radio show.

— A teenager, said to be the Italian prime minister’s lover, says he never laid a hand on her.

— Betty White drank Vodka with David Letterman.


— Leonardo Da Vinci’s “Last Supper” has been duplicated using laundry lint.

Then there was the story about the House Republicans voting to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

Okay, now that momentum is in their favor, what do the Republicans plan to repeal next?

As soon as they recover from all the excitement, they’ll let us know.


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