Get Involved

Today’s guest post if from Mike Kurz. Mike is the president of Branch 1127 in Elizabeth City.

It is now two days post election day. Do you know where your future is? I am not waiting to find out come January when the new Republican non-union friendly Congress gets seated.

I conducted our November business meeting for Branch 1127 tonight (Nov. 4) and the main subject on my agenda were the congressional resolutions that will affect letter carriers and their families.

I expanded on what National Business Agent Judy Willoughby said at the fall training session in Durham last month. I told everyone to look around the room and said one of you may not be employed by the USPS if management gets their way and reduces delivery days.

I urge everyone to write your Congressman and Senators so we can get the Postal Service resolutions passed before it’s too late.

The bewitching hour is upon us. We need to act now.



One Response to “Get Involved”

  1. david anderson Says:

    Nice article, we have our battles before us with the new congress.

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