On the Campaign Trail: Kentucky

What’s at stake on November 2?

As the NALC looks to protect six-day mail delivery and strengthen the Postal Service through legislative action, our success on both of these fronts hangs on the results of the November 2 election.

In this final week, NALC members need to do everything we can to protect the labor-friendly majorities in Congress to ensure a viable USPS and to give President Obama the opportunity to continue his ambitious agenda.

Make no mistake: America cannot afford to revert to a time when Congress was entirely committed to undermining the middle class by eroding the rights of workers in this country.

In Kentucky, the stakes are high—and letter carriers are standing behind Attorney General Jack Conway, the candidate for Senate, who will stand with letter carriers and working families to move this country forward.

Pictured above are NALC-released carriers of Branch 361 in Lexington, KY, Jim Smith and Kevin Noel.



In the final days of the 2010 election cycle, letter carriers are working tirelessly to ensure that the NALC’s endorsed candidates are elected on November 2.

As the polling remains close in many of the congressional districts in Ohio, the difference on Tuesday will hinge on union voters turning out to the polls.

In Ohio’s 16th and 18th congressional districts, letter carriers are relying on their relationships within their communities to ensure that their brothers and sisters in the labor movement get out and vote on November 2. It’s time to get the job done!

As President Rolando has said, time and time again, the future of this country hangs on the outcome of the November 2 elections: “Let’s move our agenda, our job security and the well-being of our families and our nation forward.”

Below are highlights from an Ohio get-out-the-vote rally.


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