Facing a Major Crossroads

Every election the American people are faced with a choice. Do we continue on with our current leaders or do we make a change? Never has this decision been as important for letter carriers as it will be this election.

We face a major crossroads in our industry. Do we continue down the path of universal service six days a week or do we begin down the road to privatization and a reduction of services? The future of the Postal Service could well be decided by the members serving in the next congress.

As you begin to make your own decision about which candidate you will support, I ask that you keep the following facts in mind. 205 of the 257 Democrats currently serving in Congress are already cosponsors of our resolution to preserve Saturday delivery (H. Res. 173) compared to only 41 of the 178 Republicans. This means that 80 percent of the Democrats in Congress believe that we should continue to deliver the mail six days a week and that 77 percent of Republicans in Congress are unwilling to support this important resolution.

We must also not forget that the USPS’ burdensome prefunding schedule came from a Republican controlled Congress and a Republican White House. As of September 30, there were already 127 Democratic cosponsors on our bill (H.R. 5746) to fix the prefunding schedule compared nto 1 Republican.

When it comes to our issues the record is clear. The Democratic majority and leadership are willing to stand with Letter Carriers. That is why I am asking your support for Elaine Marshall for the United States Senate. Elaine Marshall has pledged to support a strong and viable Postal Service.

The country is still trying to pull itself out of our economic crisis. And even though we are starting to see signs of recovery, many Americans are still hurting. All of us are frustrated about how long this recession has lasted. And many Americans feel that Washington is not looking out for their interests.

I know our members. I know you are able to see through the false promises and divisive techniques that are being used by many anti-worker candidates. I hope on November 2 you will vote for Elaine Marshall for the United States Senate. When the time comes to make the difficult choices about the future of our industry this candidate will stand with us.

I hope you will join me and your brothers and sisters in supporting Elaine Marshall. Our future, and the future of the Postal Service, is in your hands.

In Solidarity,

Fredric V. Rolando, President

In Solidarity,

Judith R. Willoughby, NBA Region 9



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